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Coding Ninjas Scholarship Test Coupon Code


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Coding Ninjas Scholarship Test

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Coding Ninjas Scholarship Test


Are you someone who’s intensely passionate about developing their coding skills? Or are you someone who’s looking to build a solid career as a programmer?

Well, if your answer to these questions is YES, then we have the perfect solution for you as we are back with our much loved and popular Scholarship Test!

This Scholarship Test will be held for 2 days to ensure smooth participation, i.e. 19th and 20th September 2021 at 9 PM. So if you are not able to appear for the test on 19th September, then you need not worry, as you can take it on 20th September at the same time!

The Coding Scholarship Test

The Scholarship Test 2021 is a great opportunity to get at least a minimum scholarship of 10% for batches that start from the next month. Ninjas who complete their courses are gifted with industry-recognised course completion certificates for the courses of choice.

All students who wish to get enrolled in the Non-premium, Premium and Career Tracks’ batches are encouraged to participate in the scholarship test. The registration charge for this scholarship test is just INR 99 and with discount coupon its just Rs 50.

For students who have already registered for the said batches, they too are given the chance of winning the Scholarship amount back as cashback after the results of the Scholarship Test are declared.

The Coding Ninjas Scholarship Test 2021 is quite scorable, with questions being aptitude based and not requiring students to pack hours of preparation.

Scholarship Criteria

The 30 question test allows students to get a coding scholarship based on their rank. The better the student performs, the higher the scholarship amount. Let us check the different ranking criteria for the various percentages of scholarship.

Regardless of the score, the rest of all the participating students are provided with a 10% scholarship. Here are some terms and conditions which apply to the 2021 Coding Ninjas Scholarship Test.

Scholarship Table


  • The Scholarship test fee is Non - Refundable
  • The Scholarship is non-adjustable/transferrable and will be applicable on our Batch starting from 30th August as well as on all September 2021 batches
  • Use of unfair means during the test would result in disqualification.
  • Coding Ninjas holds all the rights of decisions to provide scholarship according to the performance of participants.
  • Students already enrolled in any batch of September 2021 can register for the Scholarship and can get the amount as a cashback once the Scholarship Test results are announced.

Coding Ninjas Scholarship Test Questions:

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For more info, Please visit: Coding Ninjas


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