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How to use coding ninjas coupon code?

On Coding Ninjas, There are 3 different sorts of discounts that may be applied when purchasing a course. Early Bird Discount:

You may save up to 30% by signing up 1 month early. It's already available on the website. There's no need to do anything extra to avail this offer.

Referral Discount:

Coding Ninjas also provides discount when any previous student refers for a course to new student. So you can easily find and open any referral link to get maximum of 12% Additional Discount.

Coupon Code:

During the check out, You can also add some coupons to additional discounts, You can use either referral or coupon code, both gives the maximum of 12% Discount.

You can also use coupon code: TNMBH to get 42% OFF on any coding ninjas courses.

Lets first talk about the courses Coding Ninjas provide online:

  1. Data structures with Java
  2. Data structures with Python
  3. Data structures with C++
  4. Data science and Machine learning course.
  5. Machine learning course. (Without Data science)
  6. Aptitude Preparation course.
  7. Full Stack Web development using Node.js
  8. Interview preparation course.
  9. Competitive Programming Course.
They also provide Career Track courses:
  1. Ninja competitive programmer career track
  2. Ninjas Machine learning Engineer career track
  3. Ninjas Data Scientist career track
  4. Ninjas Web Developer career track

The features of this course are

  1. A lot of good content - With 60+ hours of video content,40+ assignments and more than 350+ problems provided to be solved.This is a long course and with deadlines for modules, you have to complete it on time.
  2. Course completion criteria - You get a course completion certificate on completing 60% of the content and an Excellence certificate if you have completed content upto 90%.
  3. Course Pause Feature - If you have some other work like your college assignments and projects, or you are feeling stuck at a topic which is consuming time, then you can take a break. You can pause the course and continue when you are comfortable.
  4. 24*7 Teaching Assistants support - If you have doubts, TA’s are ready to solve your doubts even at midnight. Sometimes, there is a delay but most of the times, the support is incredible.
  5. Revision - After you complete your course, you can access the course content for 15 days as an extension, but after this, the course is locked and you have to pay some amount to unlock this course for a month.
  6. Placement Assistant - Coding Ninjas has an Active Placement Cell. Where you can easily drop your resume and apply for your favourite position and company with a few clicks.

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NinjasOffers shares his coding ninjas journey after completing all courses provided by coding ninjas in the duration of 4 years. He has done fundamentals, data structures, web development, competitive programming, aplitude interview preparations, machine learning and data science.

He is best known for sharing coding ninjas offers to get discount on courses using coding ninjas coupon codes, referral codes, links etc.


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