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Little Background: Used to be absolute shit in coding, couldn't solve basic problems on most competitive sites Tried to get better by spending days and months reading code on geeks for geeks etc. But never felt confident in my skills and most of the time it felt like mugging. Then I finally stumbled upon this course via youtube video. Pros:

  • Lectures themselves:
    1. The course is in hinglish (mostly Hindi) and the teachers does not try to sound elite by trying to force English on you. Tumhari Mother Tongue agar Hindi ha toh chahe tumahri English kitni bhi achi kyun na ho, Hindi se jitna tum connect karoge utna English se nhi hoga.
    2. No video is more than 25 minutes and most of them are in 10-15 min range so they don’t bore you with extremely lengthy videos
    3. The Course covers all the data structure comprehensively. They don’t skip on anything.
    4. They scale the difficulty of problems slowly and teaches the syntax/concepts in a problem solving fashion which I could not really find anywhere else. This Slowly increasing the difficulty is what I find best thing in the course.
    5. Problem solving approach, you will solve a ton of problem which will get you in the habit of coding.

  • Teachers:
    1. Highly qualified. There is no problem I faced they can’t solve. Most of them they already anticipated.
    2. Also they don’t deliver lectures in a monotonous way like some of the English courses I had taken so you won’t get bored if you are interested in the topic.
    3. In Lecture Question and Quizzes:

      These are comparatively easy since you kind of know how to approach the question from lecture videos.

  • Assignment:

    This is where I think you will actually grow as a coder, these are tough and you will need to apply everything from all the previous lectures covered.

  • Codezen & CodeStudio:

    They have a huge collection of problems on the platform called CodeStudio.
    It’s basically like any other competitive programming website so you will not run out problems to solve.

  • Getting help:
    1. Hint Videos: For most of the tough questions hint videos are available which explains how to approach a question but does not provide the actual code.
      90% of the times when you get struck this will be sufficient to guide you.
    2. Raising doubts, TA: There is a button “Raise Doubt” on each of the video/questions. So when you get struck you can raise a doubt using this explain your doubt in a text box and they will get back to you.
    3. Note: TA stands for Teaching assistants and they are different from the Teachers themselves.

      They usually get back to you within hours of raising doubt(6PM-10PM) and you can get on a call with them if Required.

Can you learn data structure without spending 12k rupees: Yes, but it will very difficult (It was for me at least)
Was this course worth it: Absolutely, to the very last penny.
Recommendation if you are taking the course:

  1. Always give at-least 30-40 minutes to the question before you ask for help. Figuring out the solution yourself is what will make you better.
    But obviously there comes a point where trying to find the solution yourself is outweighed by the time you waste on it, so don’t waste hours and hours on a single question.
  2. Stay Regular, always try to complete the lecture in the same week they are posted. If you get too behind it will get very difficult and your motivation may die out. The assignments have deadlines after which you will not get the full score. If you don’t score high enough you may not get the certificate of completion. Also if you are too slow you might not be able to complete all the lectures before they revoke access.

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